We are an independent game studio based in Deggendorf, Lower Bavaria, Germany. As a collective of three individuals we strife to combine our passion for gaming and cutting edge technology to craft experiences never seen before in the gaming industry. We believe that combining existing and new technology to create something uniquely new is the cradle of true innovation and therefor true progress in and on itself. In particular we are combining the traditional gaming world with the missunderstood blockchain technology to present the player a whole new model of play; we call it Play to Earn.



On August 22, 2019 we officially founded fivefingergames. At that time we were already hard at work on our soon to be publicly released prototype of our first game.

Prototype Release

After 4 month of work on the prototype of our first game (Knights of Cathena, formally known as SteemKnights) we released it publicly to gather feedback on the game mechanics and the new model of play (Play to Earn) we want to establish.


On June 18, 2020 we got funded. From there on we started to build a bigger and more ambitious game out of the prototype.



SteemKnights Teaser Trailer - For Steem we fight!YouTube