Knights of Cathena is a multiplayer strategy board game mainly targeting mobile devices. Its main feature is a blockchain integration, which makes it very unique compared to other board games. With it, the game can create a sustainable item economy that is not owned by the developer but by the community. This is done through the usage of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) which represent an in-game item on the blockchain. As these items live outside of the games ecosystem (on the blockchain) they can be owned and traded by the player. In that sense, the player can turn his playtime into owned digital assets which can be sold to make some extra money. This, essentially, creates a new play type; Play to Earn.


As fivefingergames houses a lot of blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts we wanted to combine it with our passion; games. As this combination also promises more player freedom and was a way to prove a real application of blockchain, outside of cryptocurrency, so we started tinkering. The first prototype was build in just 4 months and was then publicly released to gather player feedback. Back then it was still called SteemKnights, as the game was running on the Steem blockchain. Since then a lot has changed, the gameplay mechanics have been completely revamped and the blockchain integration has been refined for a smooth player onboarding, without technical knowledge.


  • Action packed, chees like, turn based multiplayer battles
  • Blockchain integration (player does not need to have technical knowledge)
  • Real in-game item ownership
  • In-game item marketplace


SteemKnights Teaser Trailer - For Steem we fight!YouTube


About fivefingergames

We are an independent game studio based in Deggendorf, Lower Bavaria, Germany. As a collective of three individuals we strife to combine our passion for gaming and cutting edge technology to craft experiences never seen before in the gaming industry. We believe that combining existing and new technology to create something uniquely new is the cradle of true innovation and therefor true progress in and on itself. In particular we are combining the traditional gaming world with the missunderstood blockchain technology to present the player a whole new model of play; we call it Play to Earn.
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